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  • Compliance Calendar
  • A user-friendly GST management tool helps streamline compliance by outlining filing dates and requirements, reducing penalties and fines. Covering tasks like returns, payments and document submission, it fosters organization and proactive planning, minimizing risks and ensuring timely and accurate GST compliance.

  • Health Checkup
  • The GST compliance assessment ensures operational smoothness and reduces litigation risks by identifying and addressing potential issues early on. This thorough evaluation aims to enhance GST practices, maintain efficiency, and strive for a litigation-free business environment.

  • RCM
  • The chart provides clarity on the application of the Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) in transactions, detailing its triggers and impacts. It assists businesses in maintaining compliance, avoiding penalties, and managing finances effectively within RCM regulations.

  • Articles
  • Comprehensive coverage of GST, including trends, regulations, and best practices, helping readers stay informed, compliant, and prepared for regulatory changes. They offer practical guidance for tax planning, compliance, and navigating regulatory complexities.


Comprehensive GST Guidance

Access a wealth of information on Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Educational Resources

Enhance your understanding of GST through informative articles.

On-the-Go Accessibility

Carry the power of GST management in your pocket with critical information always within reach, facilitating quick decision-making.

Timely Updates

Stay informed with the latest updates to remain compliant with changing GST regulations and requirements.

The Grand Launch of App

The event marked a momentous occasion as it was inaugurated by the Hon'ble President of ICAI, Shri CA Aniket Talati, accompanied by esteemed dignitaries who added to the significance of the event. With their support, we embark on a journey to provide an innovative platform that aligns with the highest standards of the industry. The event was a celebration of innovation, expertise, and a commitment to empower professionals in their pursuit of excellence.

Meet Our Team

The Architects of the App

A pioneer in his field, Nitesh Jain is the primary driving force behind the firm. Nurturing a result- oriented mind and a go-getter attitude, he specializes in presenting pragmatic solutions for key business challenges.

Nitesh Jain

Founder & Managing Partner

Gaurav Khetan, a master of the realm of Indirect Taxes, harbours a growth-focused attitude that has led him to establish a fine reputation for driving corporate success.

Gaurav Khetan

Partner, GST, VAT and CST

Experienced in the area of Indirect Tax Advisory and Business Consulting across multiple industries

Praveen Maheshwari

Partner, GST, Central Excise & Service TAX

Jay Dalwadi is a professional with versatile skills and experiences related to the realm of Goods and Services Tax.

Jay Dalwadi

Partner, GST & Service TAX