Your Essential GST Compliance Calendar. Stay on track with important dates and updates in GST regulations, ensuring seamless compliance.

10-AprWedGSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-AprWedGSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Apr to 12-AprThuGSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-AprSatGSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13-AprSatGSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-AprSatGSTR-6 (Monthly)
18-AprThuCMP-08 (Compoisition)
20-AprSatGSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-AprSatGSTR-3B (Monthly)
22-AprMonGSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24-AprWedGSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
25-AprThuITC-04 (Half Yearly/Yearly)
30-AprTueGSTR-4 (Annually)
10-May Fri GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-May Fri GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-May Sat GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-May Mon B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-May Mon GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-May Mon GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20-May Mon GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-May Mon GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-May Sat PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-May Tue GSTR-11
30-May Thu ITC-03
10-Jun Mon GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Jun Mon GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Jun Tue GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Jun Thu B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-Jun Thu GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Jun Thu GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20-Jun Thu GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Jun Thu GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-Jun Tue PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-Jun Fri GSTR-11
10-Jul Wed GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Jul Wed GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Jul Thu GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Jul Sat GSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13-Jul Sat GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Jul Sat GSTR-6 (Monthly)
18-Jul Thu CMP-08 (Compoisition)
20-Jul Sat GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Jul Sat GSTR-3B (Monthly)
22-Jul Mon GSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24-Jul Wed GSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
28-Jul Sun GSTR-11
10-Aug Sat GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Aug Sat GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Aug Sun GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Aug Tue B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-Aug Tue GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Aug Tue GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20-Aug Tue GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Aug Tue GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-Aug Sun PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-Aug Wed GSTR-11
10-Sep Tue GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Sep Tue GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Sep Wed GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Sep Fri B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-Sep Fri GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Sep Fri GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20-Sep Fri GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Sep Fri GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-Sep Wed PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-Sep Sat GSTR-11
10-Oct Thu GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Oct Thu GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Oct Fri GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Oct Sun GSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13-Oct Sun GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Oct Sun GSTR-6 (Monthly)
18-Oct Fri CMP-08 (Compoisition)
20-Oct Sun GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Oct Sun GSTR-3B (Monthly)
22-Oct Tue GSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24-Oct Thu GSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
25-Oct Fri ITC-04 (Half Yearly)
28-Oct Mon GSTR-11
10-Nov Sun GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Nov Sun GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Nov Mon GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Nov Wed B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-Nov Wed GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Nov Wed GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20-Nov Wed GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Nov Wed GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-Nov Mon PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-Nov Thu GSTR-11
10-Dec Tue GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Dec Tue GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Dec Wed GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Dec Fri B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-Dec Fri GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Dec Fri GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20-Dec Fri GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Dec Fri GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-Dec Wed PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-Dec Sat GSTR-11
31-Dec Tue GSTR-9 & 9C
10-Jan Fri GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Jan Fri GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Jan Sat GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Jan Mon GSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13-Jan Mon GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Jan Mon GSTR-6 (Monthly)
18-Jan Sat CMP-08 (Compoisition)
20-Jan Mon GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Jan Mon GSTR-3B (Monthly)
22-Jan Wed GSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24-Jan Fri GSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
28-Jan Tue GSTR-11
10-Feb Mon GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Feb Mon GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Feb Tue GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Feb Thu B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-Feb Thu GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Feb Thu GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20-Feb Thu GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Feb Thu GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-Feb Tue PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-Feb Fri GSTR-11
10-Mar Mon GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10-Mar Mon GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11-Mar Tue GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13-Mar Thu B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP (IFF)
13-Mar Thu GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13-Mar Thu GSTR-6 (Monthly)
15-Mar Sat Annexure V (GTA)
20-Mar Thu GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20-Mar Thu GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25-Mar Tue PMT-06 (for QRMP)
28-Mar Fri GSTR-11
31-Mar Mon RFD-11 (LUT)
31-Mar Mon CMP-02