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Corporate Guarantees Issues

Watch CA Nitesh Jain discuss the evolving complexities of corporate guarantees and GST implications in light of the October 26, 2023 government circular for crucial updates. Clarify outcomes for corporates now!

The issue of Transfer of Land Development rights

Telangana High Court's GST ruling sparks debate. Nitesh Jain discusses M/s Prahitha Construction case, highlighting the need for clarity on nationwide Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) and Floor Space Index (FSI) transactions for equitable property

Need to Rethink GST Registration Criteria

With GDP up 52% and GST collection up 156%, it's time to reconsider the GST threshold and compliance limits. Making compliance easier for small businesses will lighten the load for GST Departments. Watch Gaurav Khetan's video for a fresh perspective.

Handling Real Estate Notices

The GST department is scrutinizing real estate businesses for ITC reversal under Rule 42. These notices require careful handling. Watch the video to understand these notices, Rule 42's origins, and Sections 17(2) and (3). Learn to navigate ITC reversal brackets easily.

Madras High Court: No Interest for GSTR 3B Delay with Sufficient Cash Balance

The Madras High Court ruling, supported by a CBIC notification, exempts some taxpayers from interest under Section 50 of the GST Act. Praveen Maheshwari explains how this addresses GST return filing glitches,

Bombay High Court - Case of Maersk Shipping Line

Maersk Shipping Line officials were hit with heavy penalties by DGGI, sparking controversy.Watch our analysis of this pivotal judgment. Let's hope it sets a precedent for fair treatment of corporate employees intax

Declaration by GTA Service Providers

Discover the ins and outs of filing Declarations for GTA (Goods Transport Agency) in GST with our latest video by CA Nidhi Shah. Gain insights into the two tax payment options available to GTA service providers

GST Refund on Inverted Duty Structure

Want to know about how GST law handles inverted duty structures? This video simplifies it for you! In simple terms, an inverted duty structure occurs when a registered taxpayer's outward supply is taxed at a lower rate than the input they use, leading to a surplus

Calculating Adjusted Total Turnover

Exploring the nuances of adjusted total turnover under GST law. In this video, we delve into the concept of adjusted total turnover, a pivotal aspect for registered taxpayers seeking various types of refunds.

Recent Changes in GST Registration Procedure

Exploring recent shifts in GST registration procedures unveils a transformative landscape. Notably, the GST Network has introduced geocoding, enhancing precision by assigning mapping coordinates to business addresses.

Compensation Cess applicable on Utility Vehicles

Significant change has been made in the levy of compensation cess on Utility Vehicles. In this vlog, we attempt to unravel the intricacies of this change. We also deal with the question of how this change will impact the ongoing

Unlocking Indirect Tax Excellence with NJ Jain & Associates

NJ Jain navigates the ever-evolving realm of indirect taxation with precision and adherence to regulations. Our commitment to trust underscores our dedication to providing tailored services that cater to your

Exploring the Impact of GST on Holding Equity Shares

The government clarified that holding shares doesn't qualify as a service supply under GST law. As securities aren't categorized as goods or services, holding shares in a subsidiary company is not subject to GST taxation,

NJ Jain at GloPAC 2023

Reflecting on the incredible moments from our exhibition at GloPAC 2023! The energy from our amazing visitors made the event unforgettable. Grateful for the wonderful experience and all the connections made!

Group Landmark's Finance Controller Mr. Kuntal Merchant at NJ Jain @ GloPAC 2023

We feel privileged to have received such encouraging feedback from Mr. Kuntal Merchant, Finance Controller of Group Landmark, at GloPAC 2023!

Jayraj Sheth at NJ Jain @ GloPAC 2023

We are deeply grateful for Mr. Jayraj Sheth's kind words during GloPAC 2023. He encouraged and inspired us and reinforced our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence across all facets of our services.

Launch of Mobile Application - GST Connects

The Hon'ble President of ICAI, Shri CA Aniket Talati, launched the GST Connects mobile app in the presence of other dignitaries at GloPAC 2023. The app offers the GST Compliance Calendar,

GST Challenges in HAM Projects

This video offers valuable insights for those in infrastructure or interested in GST legalities in public-private partnerships. It delves into key legal cases affecting HAM projects and provides strategies

Understanding the Taxation of Warranty in GST Structure - Part 1

Our video focuses on GST's impact on warranty taxation, highlighting insights from Circular 195 issued in July 2023. It resolves critical issues in FMCG and Automotive sectors, clarifying tax liability for spare parts under warranty and Input Tax Credit (ITC) non-reversal.

Understanding the Taxation of Warranty in GST Structure - Part 2

In this follow-up to our discussion on GST Circular 195 from July 2023, we zoom in on extended warranty clarifications. Key points include aligning GST rates with the principal supply and addressing timing issues

GST at 6 - The 4 Promises

Join our insightful analysis as we evaluate the progress made in delivering on these GST commitments. Explore the implications and current status of these crucial aspects of India's tax reform, illuminating the path towards a more integrated and effective

GST at 6 - History of GST

Explore the intricate history of GST, delving into the meticulous creation of its structure. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the journey, from inception to implementation, as we unravel the complexities and key milestones that shaped the Goods and

GST at 6 - The GST Growth Story

Explore the impact of GST in India with our in-depth analysis. We'll uncover how it influences the economy and shapes the business landscape. Discover key insights including the tangible effects and implications of a transformative taxation system.

GST in Education - A Closer Look at the Game Changing Impact

Discover how GST affects the education sector. Learn about efforts to make it more affordable and accessible. While GST brings positives, challenges remain, especially in service classification. Gain insights into this evolving landscape.

Navigating the GST impact on the Automobile Industry

Explore GST's impact on India's auto industry including electric vehicles and challenges like classification ambiguity. Our video offers consumers, professionals, and policy enthusiasts insights into the evolving taxation landscape.

GST Dynamics in Healthcare Sector

Learn how the Goods and Services Tax (GST) affects healthcare. Even though most healthcare services don't have GST, healthcare providers find it hard to utilize tax credits. This makes running healthcare more expensive and complicated.

GST & Real Estate: Unraveling the Transformational Impact

GST is changing India's real estate by simplifying taxes and boosting growth. Despite challenges like stamp duty & ITC utilisation, it's helping the sector to flourish, expected to reach US$ 780.6 billion by 2028, boosting GDP and creating jobs.

Concrete Changes: Analyzing GST's Effects on India's Infrastructure Landscape

India's path to economic prominence hinges on strong infrastructure, propelled by GST's transformative impact. GST streamlines taxation, enhancing transparency and efficiency in infrastructure projects.

The Ripple Effect: GST's Influence on FMCG Sector

India's FMCG sector is poised to hit US$ 615.87 billion by 2027, with GST fostering tax uniformity and supply chain efficiency. While challenges like complex classification persist, its role in curbing inflation fuels growth.

Understanding ITC Reversal on Real Estate

Discover valuable insights into the real estate market. Delve deep into the implications of ITC reversal, its impact on property prices, and developer profitability. Whether you're an investor or curious about market trends.

GST Case Analysis - Safari Retreats Pvt Ltd

The Supreme Court judgement in the case of Safari Retreats Pvt Ltd will be a landmark judgement as it will provide a ruling on the credit of construction-related materials.

Can Restaurants Charge GST?

Curious about whether restaurants can charge GST (Goods and Services Tax) or not? In this informative video, we delve into the intricacies of restaurant taxation and break down the rules and regulations surrounding GST.

Speaking with DD News Gujarati on GST ટેકનોલોજીથી તરક્કી

With GST completing 6 years of implementation, we look back at the interesting journey and the various technological adaptions that have helped in its faster implementation.

All you need to know about Show Cause Notice under GST

A GST Show Cause Notice is a formal communication from tax authorities that raises concerns about potential non-compliance or tax evasion. Understanding its purpose and implications is essential for businesses and

Tips on How to Handle GST Litigation

Are you struggling with GST litigation and seeking expert advice on handling the complexities? In this informative video, we present a comprehensive guide on effectively navigating GST litigation.

GST Tribunal Explained

Setting up the GST Tribunal will be a landmark move in India's tax regime. All eyes are on the next GST Council meeting for initializing the tribunals. This short video will give you a quick insight into the GSTAT, it's working, and its

GST Advisory - Last Minute Return Filing

Last month, more than 20 lakh GST returns were filed on the due date (April 20, 2023), resulting in server interruption. GSTN has appealed to taxpayers with NIL returns/no cash tax payments to file their returns earlier

Importance of GST Compliance

Staying GST compliant is beneficial not only to the health of your business but also to your customers. Make sure you comply with the filing deadlines so as not to attract unnecessary adherences like notice

Special Verification Drive for GST Registrations

A special All-India Drive has been launched by all tax administrations to detect fake GSTINs and to conduct verification to weed out fake billers from the GST ecosystem. While this is a good initiative for the overall GST regime,

GST Case Analysis - Cosmo Films Limited

The Supreme Court order in the case of Cosmo Films Limited sets the tone for Pre-Import condition in the GST structure. Setting aside the Gujarat High Court Order, the SC has upheld the requirement of ‘pre-import

GST Refunds to Unregistered Persons

Did you know that only two categories of unregistered persons are allowed to take GST refunds? In this video, we talk about how you can get a GST refund when canceling a unit in a real estate project.

Eligibility of ITC - Broad 6 Conditions

Right since the inception of GST, Input Tax Credit (ITC) has been a burning issue. In this short video, we explain the six broad conditions of ITC eligibility that will help you get more clarity.

ITC on CSR Expenses

Claiming ITC on CSR expenses has been a matter of debate, but recently the Government has notified that ITC cannot be claimed. While this notification will take time to be formed into law, we feel that the amendment

Leasehold Premiums Paid to Local Authorities are Not Taxable

The issue of the taxability of leasehold premiums has been a matter of debate. While the Bombay Court first ruled that they are taxable, the matter was then challenged in the Supreme Court. The Apex Court ruled


The GST Council has introduced ‘E-invoicing’ in a phased manner. If Turnover in any previous FY starting from 2017-18 to FY 2021-22 was above 10 cr, then that taxpayer is eligible to issue E-Invoice. The important point

GST Compliances to be Done Before Year End

As the Financial Year end nears, GST Compliances become all the more important. In this short video, we explain the GST tasks that should be taken care of before you file February / March 23 GSTR 3B & GSTR 1.

GSTea Talks: Episode 7 - GST on Personal Effects

In our 6th episode of GSTea Talks, we discuss implications on input tax credit of GST on purchase of personal effects like mobile phones, luxury watches, etc. Uncover the mystery of ITC on personal effects.

Expectation from the Union Budget 2021

While India finally has the issue of #COVID19 under control, the crucial task of economic recovery still lies ahead. Many hopes are tied to this Union Budget addressed by Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman on Feb 1.

GSTea Talks: Episode 6 - ITC on Purchasing Motor Vehicles and Their Repairs

In our 6th episode of GSTea Talks, we talk about the eligibility of #ITC on motor vehicles and their repairs. We will ponder upon the admissibility of ITC on purchasing a

GSTea Talk: Episode 5 - ITC on Damaged Goods

In our 5th episode of GSTea Talks, we talk about the eligibility of ITC on damaged goods. Here we discuss the ITC treatment in a situation where the goods are partially or

GSTea Talks: Episode 4 - ITC eligibility when the supplier hasn’t paid GST to the government

In our fourth episode of GSTea Talks, we talk about the eligibility of ITC when your supplier hasn't paid GST to the Government. Check it out!

GSTea Talks Episode 3: Discussing ITC Reversal issues with Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) projects

Hello, folks! Here is the third episode of our GSTea Talks, where we will discuss the pertaining issues with ITC Reversal in Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) projects.

GSTea Talks Episode 2: Are discounts really incentives and should they be taxed?

Hello folks! We are presenting the second episode of GSTea Talks, where we discuss the all-important-issue of demands of service tax on #Incentives a.k.a #discounts on Car Dealers

GSTea Talks Episode 1: Is the idea of GST rate cut in automotive sector just a mirage?

Hello folks! We are presenting our first episode of GSTea Talks, where we discuss the ever-changing landscape of GST and the country's taxation scenario. In our first edition,

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