Top Indirect Tax Consultant in Ahmedabad at Glopac

NJ Jain @ GloPAC 2023

We extend our sincere gratitude for the enriching experience that GloPAC’23 bestowed upon us. Each moment spent at the event was truly invaluable, and we are elated to be part of such an exceptional community. The event provided us with an opportunity for enriching discussions with industry professionals, adding a layer of depth to our overall experience.

Being associated with GloPAC was a source of immense pride for our team. Our involvement was marked by meticulous planning, including activities such as GST Health Checks, quizzes, and knowledge nuggets. These initiatives were designed to enhance the experience of our visitors, contributing to an environment that was both enchanting and fun-filled. Moreover, the event served as a valuable platform for networking, allowing us to engage with industry peers and like-minded individuals, further enriching our professional connections.

Launch of GST Connects - Our GST Mobile Application

The grand launch of ‘GST Connects,’ our innovative mobile app, was a highlight of the event for us. The Hon’ble President of ICAI, Shri CA Aniket Talati, and esteemed dignitaries graced the occasion of the inauguration of our app. The app is a comprehensive one-stop solution for all GST-related experiences. It is an indispensable tool for businesses, encompassing vital features such as the GST Compliance Calendar, Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) Charts, Case Laws, Articles, and more. With a user-friendly interface, this app ensures that users have access to crucial information at their fingertips.

Interactions at NJ Jain @ GloPAC 2023

Our presence at the GloPAC event proved to be a catalyst for meaningful dialogues and engagements. Our stall became a hub for profound discussions with industry veterans, policymakers, businesses, and fellow accounting firms. This platform facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas and provided a unique opportunity to expand our professional network. The interactions conducted at our stall were both insightful and constructive, contributing to the enrichment of our business perspectives and fostering valuable connections within the industry.

Mr. J. K. Mittal - Advocate

Mr. Kuntal Merchant - Finance Controller, Group Landmark

Mr. Jayraj Sheth - Business Consultant