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Supply of goods & services is the taxable event in GST.

  • Supply requires consideration.
  • However, in some cases specified supply without consideration will be subject to GST.
  • Supply covers supply MADE or AGREED to be made in the course of furtherance of business.
  • Covers Advanced Receipt also.

Place of Supply of Goods –

  • If any goods are sent on the direction of any Third Person, then it is to be deemed that the third person has received goods.
  • If goods are assembled at site, then the site will be the place of goods.
  • Sale by transfer of documents, then the place of customer is Place of supply.

Location of Supplier or Receipent of Services –

  • Normally where registration is obtained will be the location of supplier or recipient.
  • Temporary place cannot be location of supplier.
  • A fixed Establishment from where services are provided or received will be location of supplier.
  • If more than one establishment, then the most relevant one.
  • Registered office of company will be location of supplier.
  • Though there are some exceptions also.

E – ledgers –

It is a statement of CASH & ITC. And every tax payer have an “ELECTRONIC TAX LIABLITY REGISTER “ Once a taxpayer is registered on GSTN it will be automatically opened & dispayed on his dashboard at all times.

Tax liability Register will reflects TOTAL TAX LIABLITY after netting for a month.

“ Cash Ledgers “

Reflects all deposits made in CASH & TDS/TCS made on account of taxpayers. The information will be reflected on “ Real time basis ”. This ledger can be used for making any payment of account of GST. Whereas, ITC Ledger – ( only tax can be paid no int , penalty , fee etc )

GST Return Filing

GST Return Filing