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Date Day Form
10/April Mon GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/April Mon GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/April Tue GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/April Thu GSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13/April Thu GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/April Thu GSTR-6 (Monthly)
18/April Tue CMP-08
20/April Thu GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/April Thu GSTR-3B (Monthly)
22/April Sat GSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24/April Mon GSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
25/April Tue ITC-04 (Half Yearly/Yearly)
28/April Fri GSTR-11
30/April Sun GSTR-4 (Annually)


Date Day Form
10/May Wed GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/May Wed GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/May Thu GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/May Sat B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/May Sat GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/May Sat GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20/May Sat GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/May Sat GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/May Thu PMT-06
28/May Sun GSTR-11
30/May Tue ITC-03


Date Day Form
10/June Sat GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/June Sat GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/June Sun GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/June Tue B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/June Tue GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/June Tue GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20/June Tue GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/June Tue GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/June Sun PMT-06
28/June Wed GSTR-11


Date Day Form
10/July Mon GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/July Mon GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/July Tue GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/July Thu GSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13/July Thu GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/July Thu GSTR-6 (Monthly)
18/July Tue CMP-08 (Quarterly)
20/July Thu GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/July Thu GSTR-3B (Monthly)
22/July Sat GSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24/July Mon GSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
28/July Fri GSTR-11


Date Day Form
10/August Thu GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/August Thu GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/August Fri GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/August Sun B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/August Sun GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/August Sun GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20/August Sun GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/August Sun GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/August Fri PMT-06
28/August Mon GSTR-11
31/August Thu GSTR-4 (Non filers Amnesty for Qtr Jul-17 to Mar-19 and FY 19-20 to 21-22)
31/August Thu GSTR-9 & 9C (Non filers Amnesty for FY 17-18 to 21-22)
31/August Thu GSTR-10 (Non filers Amnesty)


Date Day Form
10/September Sun GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/September Sun GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/September Mon GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/September Wed B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/September Wed GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/September Wed GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20/September Wed GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/September Wed GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/September Mon PMT-06
28/September Thu GSTR-11


Date Day Form
10/October Tue GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/October Tue GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/October Wed GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/October Fri GSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13/October Fri GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/October Fri GSTR-6 (Monthly)
18/October Wed CMP-08 (Quarterly)
20/October Fri GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/October Fri GSTR-3B (Monthly)
22/October Sun GSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24/October Tue GSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
25/October Wed ITC-04 (Half Yearly)
28/October Sat GSTR-11


Date Day Form
10/November Fri GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/November Fri GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/November Sat GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/November Mon B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/November Mon GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/November Mon GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20/November Mon GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/November Mon GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/November Sat PMT-06
28/November Tue GSTR-11
30/November Thu Reporting of ITC reversal Opg Bal. after filing GSTR-3B of Jul-23 (for QRMP, 3B of Apr Jun-23 )


Date Day Form
10/December Sun GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/December Sun GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/December Mon GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/December Wed B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/December Wed GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/December Wed GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20/December Wed GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/December Wed GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/December Mon PMT-06
28/December Thu GSTR-11
31/December Sun Amendment of Reported ITC reversal Opg Bal.
31/December Sun GSTR-9 & 9C


Date Day Form
10/January Wed GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/January Wed GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/January Thu GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/January Sat GSTR-1 (for QRMP)
13/January Sat GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/January Sat GSTR-6 (Monthly)
18/January Thu CMP-08 (Quarterly)
20/January Sat GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/January Sat GSTR-3B (Monthly)
22/January Mon GSTR-3B (QRMP-I)
24/January Wed GSTR-3B (QRMP-II)
28/January Sun GSTR-11


Date Day Form
10/February Sat GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/February Sat GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/February Sun GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/February Tue B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/February Tue GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/February Tue GSTR-6 (Monthly)
20/February Tue GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/February Tue GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/February Sun PMT-06
28/February Wed GSTR-11


Date Day Form
10/March Sun GSTR-7 (Monthly)
10/March Sun GSTR-8 (Monthly)
11/March Mon GSTR-1 (Monthly)
13/March Wed B2B Outward Supplies for QRMP
13/March Wed GSTR-5 (Monthly)
13/March Wed GSTR-6 (Monthly)
15/March Fri Annexure V (GTA)
20/March Wed GSTR-5A (Monthly)
20/March Wed GSTR-3B (Monthly)
25/March Mon PMT-06
28/March Thu GSTR-11
31/March Sun RFD-11 (LUT)
31/March Sun CMP-02