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    About the Event

    Right from the time of GST’s implementation in India, the automobile sector has faced many challenges, given its complexity. This sector consists of an array of dynamic industries, and their transactions needed to be reexamined as per the new GST regime. Moreover, with the common taxpayer serving as the end user, every change in the tax structure directly impacts them. Serving some of India’s most prominent automobile players, we have gained a deep insight into the impact of GST on this sector and how best to manage the same.

    In our second edition of GSTea Connects, we discuss the transition of the automobile sector towards GST, the challenges, and also a few good hacks and solutions. Join us for a deep-dive session where we give a holistic view of GST implementation in the automobile sector.

    Topic: GST in the Automobile sector – a 360° overview

    Date: 6th April 2023

    Time: 4 pm to 6 pm

    Location: In person at NJ Jain Office
    (Only for selected 20 registrants)

    Online: Through MS Teams

    About NJ Jain & Associates

    NJ Jain and Associates is a premier tax consultancy firm in India that brings together a wide range of experience and expertise in areas of Indirect Taxation and Compliance. With a rich working experience spanning over 20 years and multiple sectors, NJ Jain and Associates has established a premier position in terms of knowledge expertise on Indirect Taxes, especially GST.

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