GST Health Checkup

Ensuring proper GST compliance is crucial for businesses.
This brief 10-minute quiz will help you assess the GST Health of your business, enabling you to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance financial well-being.
The questions are generic and you can answer to the best of your knowledge.

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Are GST returns filed on time (GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and others)?

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Whether Adhar Authentication is completed on the portal?

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Are any pending or overdue returns filed with applicable interest and penalties?

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Whether all the business premises are updated in GST registration including warehouse?

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Are ITC availed in 3B in line with Circular 170/2022

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Are the details accurate and up-to-date in GST registration?

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Are e-invoices generated with IRN and QR codes (if applicable)?

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Are blocked credits under section 17(5) accounted appropriately?

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Are E-way bills matching with invoice details?

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Is the firm compliant with e-invoicing requirements (if applicable)?

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In GSTR-3B is ITC availed as per Form 2B?

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Are you reversing ITC in case of non payment to creditors within 180 days?

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Is there proper documentation for ITC claims (invoices, debit notes, etc.)?

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Is the GSTIN displayed on outside premises?

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Is the firm complying with anti-profiteering provisions (if applicable)?

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