GST Council to Clarify RERA Exemption: Real Estate Boost

The recent announcement by an official regarding the exemption of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) from paying Goods and Services Tax (GST) has sparked discussions within the real estate industry. This clarification, expected to be formalized soon by the GST Council, comes as a relief to RERA bodies and stakeholders involved in real estate projects. In this article, we delve into the significance of this development, the role of RERA, and the need for clarity on GST exemptions.

Understanding RERA

RERA, established across various states in India, operates as a regulatory and facilitative body within the real estate sector. Its primary objectives include ensuring transparency in real estate projects, safeguarding the interests of consumers, and providing a mechanism for swift dispute resolution. Enacted to address longstanding issues of fraud, delays, and lack of accountability in the real estate sector, RERA plays a crucial role in fostering confidence among homebuyers and developers alike.

Function of RERA

RERA functions as a pivotal authority overseeing real estate transactions, ensuring adherence to regulatory norms and standards. By mandating developers to register their projects and adhere to prescribed guidelines, RERA promotes accountability and transparency in the sector. Additionally, it acts as a mediator in resolving disputes between buyers and developers, thus expediting the resolution process and enhancing consumer protection.

Need for Clarification

The recent announcement regarding the exemption of RERA from GST obligations underscores the necessity for clarity on taxation policies within the real estate domain. While discussions have highlighted RERA’s alignment with Article 243G of the Constitution, which governs the powers and responsibilities of panchayats, further elucidation is warranted to avoid ambiguity and ensure consistent interpretation across states. RERAs are funded by respective state governments, and hence, levying GST would mean taxing state governments, which goes against the principle of GST.

Implications of GST Exemption

The exemption of RERA from GST obligations holds significant implications for both developers and homebuyers. Unlike certain regulatory bodies exempt from GST prior to July 18, 2022, the inclusion of RERA under the tax ambit raised questions about its financial implications. However, clarification from the GST Council not only alleviates this concern but also has the potential to reduce expenses for developers and homebuyers alike.


The forthcoming clarification by the GST Council regarding the exemption of RERA from GST obligations marks a positive development for the real estate sector. By recognizing the unique role of RERA as a regulatory authority, this decision reinforces the government’s commitment to fostering a transparent and accountable real estate ecosystem. As discussions progress, stakeholders eagerly await a formalized resolution, which is poised to bolster confidence and drive growth within the sector.