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GST Update

GST was made effective from 1.07.2017, only 53 days have passed and government has felt the need to tinker with the rates in a manner which will send all the connected industries and service providers back to the drawing board.

These changes relate to following services:

  • 1. Works Contract Services
  • 2. Transport of Passengers by Motor Cab
  • 3. Renting of Motorcab Services
  • 4. Goods Transport Services
  • 5. Textile Jobwork Services
  • 6. Treatment or processing in relation to printing of Newspapers, Books, journals etc
  • 7. Printing services of newspapers, books, journals etc

Rate changes in works contract services will result in locking of a lot of credits and one will have to file refunds to unlock the same.

GST Alert 14 – GST Rate changes vide notification 20/2017

Tax Consultants

Tax Consultants