FAQs Regarding GST Refund

Raising questions about GST refunds is common. Eligibility, conditions, process steps, supporting documents required, timeline, and status are all central points of consideration for individuals and companies seeking clarity. Being familiar with these FAQs can help businesses make accurate claims and ensure a simple process.

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GST Refund

GST Refund

Yes, the taxpayers can claim the refund of accumulated ITC or input tax credit if certain conditions get satisfied.

Situations wherein refund of ITC is allowed under:

(1) When an inverted structure prevails in business i.e., when GST rate on inputs is more than GST rates on outputs.

(2) When export of goods is made with the furnishing of Letter of Undertaking (LUT).

(3) In case of supply to SEZ units or developers without payment of tax.

(4) To foreign embassies and international organization on purchases of goods and services.

A Taxpayer can simply visit the GST portal and file form GST RFD-01 and provide all the requirements to portal.

On submission of Form GST RFD-01, an Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN). The GST Portal provides a facility to Taxpayer to track the application via ARN.

Yes, GST Refund Application is required to be filed within via form GST RFD -01 within 2 years from the relevant date.

No all the procedures are required to be carried through GST Portal only. There is no requirement of physical submission of any document.

Yes, the aggrieved party can file appeal against adjudicating authority by filing form GST APL-01 online. After filing the form, the adjudicating authority shall give a reasonable opportunity of being heard and a personal hearing may also be granted for further adjudication.

GST Refund is directly been credited to bank account of taxpayer.

No, there is no requirement to execute a bond to provide Supply of zero-rated goods. The facility of furnishing Letter of Undertaking (LUT) has been extended to all zero-rated supplies.

Yes, the refund shall not be granted if the refund amount is less than 1000/-.

Deficiencies, if any, in the GST Refund is required to be pointed out within 15 days. A form GST RFD-03 shall be issued by the Proper Officer and the applicant is required to file refund application by solving the deficiencies on the common portal.

No, when Proper officer is satisfied that the claim is not admissible, he shall issue a notice under form GST RFD-08 requiring the Noticee to file reply within 15 days in form GST RFD-09.

After the submission of reply the proper officer can either accept or reject the application vide form GST RFD-06.