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Calling all GST maestros! The Expert Level GST Quiz is not for the faint-hearted. Dive deep into the intricate nuances of taxation mastery, where only the savviest emerge victorious. Prove your GST genius and claim the title!

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What is the rate of pre-deposit for filing an appeal with the GST tribunal?

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What is the meaning of “NTOR” in GST?

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Under the CGST Act, what is the treatment of goods imported for repair and re-export?

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What is the threshold limit for mandatory e-way bill generation for the movement of goods?

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What is the GST rate on the supply of Mercedes GLS cars?

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According to the CGST Act, what is the rate of interest for delayed payment of tax?

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Who has the authority to recommend the conditions and safeguards for refund of tax on the supply of goods to SEZ units or developers?

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Can an Advance Ruling issued in one state be applied to another state?

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What is the rate of pre-deposit for filing an appeal with the Joint Commissioner Appeals?

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When can a taxpayer reverse ITC?

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What is the GST rate for of motor vehicles with operator?

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Under GST, how are toll charges for using infrastructure facilities generally taxed?

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What is the minimum turnover limit for businesses required to generate e-invoices under GST?

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What is the full form of "CIN" in GST payments?

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In GST, who has the authority to arrest a person for tax evasion?

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