Empowering Businesses: A Closer Look at Enhanced E-Invoicing Initiatives

GSTN marks the successful one-year milestone of its additional five new IRP portals, the e-invoice master information portal, and the e-invoice QR Code Verifier app with the launch of the revamped e-invoice master information portal. This revamp aims to enhance taxpayer services and streamline operations. It can be accessed at https://einvoice.gst.gov.in.

Let us delve into the new features introduced:

1. PAN-Based Search: Users can now check the e-invoice enablement status of entities using their Permanent Account Number (PAN), offering an additional search option alongside GSTIN.

2. Automatic E-invoice Exemption List: The portal now automatically publishes an updated list containing all GSTINs that have filed for e-invoice exemptions at the beginning of each month, facilitating easy access for users.

3. Global Search Bar: A comprehensive search tab has been introduced, allowing users to quickly access information across the portal, improving efficiency.

4. Local Search Capabilities: Enhanced search functionality within advisory, FAQ, manual, and other sections ensures efficient information retrieval.

5. Revamped Advisory and FAQ Section: The advisory and FAQ section is now organized year-wise and month-wise, simplifying reference and providing comprehensive guidance.

6. Daily IRN Count Statistics: Users can now view statistics on the daily generation count of Invoice Reference Numbers (IRN) directly on the portal.

7. Dedicated Section on Mobile App: Information and support for the e-invoice QR Code Verifier app are readily available, enhancing user experience.

8. Improved Accessibility Compliance and UI/UX: Adhering to GIWG guidelines, the portal now offers improved features such as contrast adjustment, text resizing buttons, and screen reader support, ensuring enhanced accessibility.

9. Updated Website Policy: Thorough updates have been made to the website policy, including archival policy, content management, moderation policy, and web information manager details.

In the past year, the e-invoicing system has demonstrated its robustness and efficiency, with over 1.6 crore e-invoices reported through the new IRPs. This achievement underscores the system’s reliability in handling large volumes of transactions. Additionally, GSTN has expanded its IRP portals to six in total, operating seamlessly alongside the centralized de-duplication system. This expansion has significantly enhanced accessibility for taxpayers, allowing them to report e-invoices conveniently through any of the six IRP portals.

Efforts are also underway to enable hourly auto-population of e-invoices in GSTR-1 via the NIC-IRP 1&2 portal, further streamlining the reporting process. Moreover, facilities for e-invoice download and verification have been implemented, including a user-friendly QR code verifier app for online verification of Invoice Reference Numbers (IRN) to ensure data integrity. Looking ahead, GSTN plans to launch an enhanced version of the e-invoice verifier app soon, equipped with additional features for user convenience.