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Dip your toes into the world of taxation fun! The GST Quiz Beginner Level is your passport to unraveling the basics of GST – easy, breezy, and the perfect start to your tax knowledge adventure!

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What is the full form of ITC under GST?

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Under the CGST Act, what is the rate of tax for intra-state supplies of goods and services?

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In the context of GST, what does "CBIC" stand for?

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What is the reverse charge mechanism under GST?

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Which body is responsible for the administration of GST in India for the Central Govt?

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Who is eligible to avail the benefit of Input Tax Credit (ITC)?

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Can ITC be claimed on the purchase of food and beverages for employees?

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What is the full form of "IGST" in GST?

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Which of the following is not a GST return?

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When was GST implemented in India?

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What does "GSTR" stand for in the context of GST returns?

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What is the purpose of an Advance Ruling (AAR) in GST?

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What is the full form of "SGST" in GST?

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Which form is used to file an annual return under GST?

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Under GST, which body issues Advance Rulings?

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