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Under the CGST Act, what is the penalty for failure to issue a tax invoice for the supply of goods?

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Can ITC be claimed on goods and services used for construction of immovable property for personal use?

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Can an ISD distribute the credit of Integrated Tax (IGST) to a unit located in a different state?

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Can ITC be claimed on the purchase of goods and services used for providing a works contract?

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What is the maximum limit for the Composition Scheme for service providers?

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Who is eligible to avail ITC of GST paid on Motor Insurance Premium?

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In which form should a registered taxpayer furnish the details of ITC?

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What is the full form of "IRN" in the context of GST e-invoicing?

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Which form is used for reporting the details of Outward supplies liable to reverse charge?

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What is the threshold limit for mandatory registration under the CGST Act for service providers?

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What is the purpose of the GST Composition Scheme?

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In GST, what does "LUT" stand for?

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What is the maximum penalty for not registering under GST, despite being liable to register?

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Who can apply for an Advance Ruling under GST?

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Can an Advance Ruling be appealed?

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