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FTP Advisory


WE OFFER COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS for all your advisory, implementation, litigation support and monetization needs related to Foreign Trade Policy and Indirect Taxation

Facing regulatory issues with various export-import policies is quite common for businesses in India mainly because of the multiple law compliance. However, frequent policy changes and new laws can make it hard for businesses to manage their business on a daily basis. To combat these challenges businesses need experts who can guide and assist them with better advice on foreign trade and India’s EXIM policies.

We provide one-stop solutions for all businesses who export and import goods and services in India. We have an experienced team of professionals who are experts in foreign trade policy and indirect taxation. The experience and expertise that these professionals bring in allow us to provide a full-service advisory and implementation service to our clients on various EXIM issues.

Advisory Service

  • We help our clients to understand how their organisation can maximise the Foreign Trade Policy benefits and identify the relevance of certain laws under the FTP for the client’s organisation.

Implementation Service

  • We collect and process important and classified documents, license and reports.
  • We take care of the registration process.
  • Preparation & filing of applications.

Execution Service

  • We follow up with the concerned authorities after registration and contest eligibility at the highest possible level offering maximum benefits in the client’s account.

Utilization/ Monetization service

  • We also help our clients with utilisation and monetization benefits.

Litigation service

  • We assist our clients with resolving legal issues related to the Foreign Trade Policy.
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